High Ground Vision

Path Notes: 7.07

What dose this mean for AD?

It is nice to see AD getting some love.

This change will fix a number of existing game breaking bugs.

As well as introduce some new heroes and some old favourites.

Although these heroes will have limited abilities in the pool.

Hopefully this will translate into more people playing Ability Draft!

What dose this mean for HGV?

A number of these changes have made the existing Ability Drafter website obsolete.

Since the primary focus of the website was to provide these details to drafters and that will no longer be needed after the update we are focusing the website towards drafting.

While we had this feature in the existing website it never worked correctly because most of the data was inferred from the ability level up data which was often incomplete and did not include the drafting order.

With the addition of the drafted abilities in the Scoreboard we now have the data we need to do a better job!

Infact the Crystalys & Orchid Projects where built to get the Scoreboard details. Although they need to be updated to use the new protobuff files.

Next Steps

We are currently building a new pipeline to supply the Scoreboard details as an API.

You can get more update details on our twitter @DotaHGV